My Amazing Trip To COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018

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August 2018. this month being a special month for my country (republic of Indonesia), and of course is also special for me because it is part of the cool open source conference in Asia. This is the first time I have attended a conference abroad . This opportunity came after my contribution to the LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018 in Surabaya. COSCUP’s has entered its 13th year which means it has started since 2006. This year’s event is special, because this year the event was organized with GNOME.Asia and openSUSE.Asia. The time and place this year is held on 11–12 August 2018 at the International University of Taiwan Science and Technology Building.

So this is a summary of my trip while in Taiwan, enjoy it.

August 9, 2018
I am preparing to go to Taiwan from Surabaya with Mr. Darian, Mr. Aftian, Mr. Rania. Arriving at Juanda Airport, we immediately headed to our aircraft gate and passed immigration to check that all of our requirements were eligible to leave for Taiwan. 09.00 AM our plane flight to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Airport) for transit before continuing on to Taiwan (Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan). Around 10.30 PM we arrived at Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan, we immediately wrote the arrival card as a condition for passing immigration checks. We headed to the first hostel where we stayed to rest.

August 10, 2018
Today’s agenda is go to Taipei Grand Mosque to Jum’ah (Friday) Praying. Previously we had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant next to the mosque.

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Taipei Grand Mosque

after Friday prayers, my Indonesian friends and I decided to go to SUSE’s office. We were warmly welcomed there, food and drinks were available and we relaxed in a room in the office.

selfie on SUSE Office :p

we continued the trip to the wellcoming party organized by COSCUP Committee, but before that we were invited to dinner by our friend from Libreoffice Taiwan, Franklin Weng. we are very grateful to him for the treatment tonight. After dinner, we also take part in wellcoming party, here are lots of cool people tonight & lots of cool discussions here.

August 11, 2018
today is the first day of the conference. Very cool and fantastic. there are more than 15 parallel classes available. Snacks and drinks are available on each floor. Some speakers use English, others use Chinese. In the first day i attended “Nusantara Metode Input on openSUSE” by Aftian, “Plan your testing” by Kat Gerasimova, “How Jogja Become City of GNU/Linux User Friendly” by Estu Fardani. In the evening I was invited to the Libreoffice BoF (Birds of a Feather) event by Mr. Ahmad Haris. The location of the BoF is in A + A Workshop.

BoF LibreOffice

Here we talk about interesting things about open source, LibreOffice and other cool things.

August 12, 2018
Second day in conference i attended “Introducing Team Silverblue” by Matthias Clasen, “Flatpak vs. Snap” by BinLi, and “Using Inkscape To Design Shoes” by Iwan Tahari. Not forgetting when before lunch we also took pictures with participants from Gnome and openSUSE. After lunch i join to Kukuh Syafaat class which is “GNOME Recipes & Local Wisdom” & “openSUSE Leap & Flatpak”.

with awesome people from gnome & openSUSE

in the evening after the closing ceremony, I and several people from Indonesia headed for the ximending night market, for buying some souvenirs.

August 13, 2018
today is my last day in Taiwan. Before I left Taiwan I took part in a city tour organized by the committee. The first destination is the National Palace Museum. Here I get a lot of knowledge about history in here. The second destination was Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world in 2004. In the evening I, Mr. Darian & Mr. Aftian could not join in a late dinner with my friend Franklin Weng and Eric Sun from LibreOffice Taiwan, because I’m afraid to miss my flight hehe :D

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photo group again

Conclusion :
I really enjoyed this trip to Taiwan, the first time I went abroad there were many new things that I knew and experienced. The experience of attending a conference abroad for the first time was extraordinary, I learned many things and gained insights that I did not get while attending a conference in Indonesia. I would like to thank COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018 for cool events, good food & drinks and city tour. I will share this memorable experience with friends in Indonesia to motivate them in the open source world.

And special thanks LibreOffice ID for being a sponsor for my trip to Taiwan

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